Swarovski Crystals

I am a member Swarovski for many years: my first gift of this brand was a cross for my communion; after they came a lovely ballerina tying a shoe and a dolphin jumping out of a sea of ​​glass.
These objects have fascinated me since childhood, I loved that reflected the light and the rainbow of colors that wafted on the walls and ceilings.


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Francesca Giagnorio

Francesca Giagnorio. May, 13, 1993. Fashion, beauty and life lover.

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  1. Estefanía Ainoza in 23/04/2013 il 11:25

    Really nice!! I love it!!!

  2. Jane S in 23/04/2013 il 21:41

    Love Swarovski!

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  3. Angela in 24/04/2013 il 05:38

    wow )
    gorg pics!!
    love Swarovski so much)))

    Angela Donava


  4. TheFashionFraction in 24/04/2013 il 21:16

    love love love swarovski. especially the new summer jewelllery collection with it’s tropical theme.


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