Goodbye Missoni

On 9th of May, the day before yesterday, Ottavio Missoni dead at his home in Sumirago, surrounded by the love of his family.
Missoni, a name for two possible futures: being a promise of athletics, winning eight national titles in the sport or, with the help of his beloved Rosita (wife known in London with whom he spent his life), creating a knitwear line that has passed into history. Missoni has chosen both of these possible futures, always keeping active and running until late in life and creating garments that have gone down in history for very original and bold color combinations. Risk, passion and color were the ingredients of a winning business formula like that of Missoni.
It was in 1953 that Ottavio and Rosita opened the first workshop and in 1958 it is presented their collection in Milan, named “Milan-Simpathy.” And after that, after hit after hit: first presentation of their line in the Palazzo Pitti, then fame in Paris and opened a boutique in the United States.
With zig-zag lines and colors of the fashion house Missoni has conquered not only the Italian fashion scene, but worldwide. With the death of Ottavio​​, his creativity and his innate spirit of elegance, the fashion industry has lost a very important figure.

Il 9 maggio, ieri l’altro, si è spento Ottavio Missoni nella sua casa di Sumirago, circondato dall’affetto della sua famiglia. (more…)

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Francesca Giagnorio

Francesca Giagnorio

Content creator appassionata di fotografia! Vivo in mezzo alla natura e ho trovato la mia anima nel cottagecore.

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